Home Sweet Home


This Saturday, round 1 will be held so it is a perfect time that they come back home.

Granted that they won’t have full access to the ground and there is still a lot of work to be done to the pitch from the Grand Prix infrastructure but the signs are good early. Last year was the best ,they have ever had the ground handed back to them so they are again hoping for a similar result.

Thursday night after training their meals will be back too. For the new players they have meals in the rooms after training while they wait for the sides to be read out. Cost for the meal is $10. For those who paid subs really early and received the meals discount, they  will get your meal cards this week.

This a big week on the track and build towards 3 wins in Round 1. The coaches have so many players to pick from this week so don’t make their life easy but not showing up to training this week.

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